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Do you know the story behind this picture?

It’s a gorgeous picture, drawn by ihiro, but I’ve always wondered just how many people know why it was drawn? I’ve seen it used for RP banners and icons, but have any of you ever wondered why it says ‘Rest in Peace’? Would you still use it if you knew?

I actually watched the entire event take place on the news.

On August 23, 2010, in the Philippine capital of Manila, a busload of tourists from Hong Kong was held hostage by a former Filipino policeman, who was using them as bargaining chips in order to get his old position back. He felt that he was fired on false charges, and claimed that he would let the hostages go if the government agreed to proceed with negotiations. Due to several missteps by the Philippine government, a culmination of events led to the gunman eventually pulling the trigger. Eight of the 22 occupants were killed, including a man who charged the gunman in an attempt to shield his family.

Many have criticised the Filipino government for how the crisis was handled, from allowing the media to broadcast police strategies (there was a television on the bus) to even bother with negotiations when there was already a sniper lying in wait with a clear shot at the hostage taker.

Relations between Hong Kong and the Philippines were stretched thin following the disaster; many Filipinos working overseas in Hong Kong were dismissed and threatened to be deported. China and Hong Kong have formally placed the Philippines on their travel blacklist.

More detailed info can be found here; I just recounted what I remembered from the news broadcasts…and even then, I’m sure both sides have their own bias. (I personally was following the BBC Hong Kong coverage)

Now, before anyone cries, “OMG SOMEONE ACTUALLY DREW FANART ABOUT THIS”, ihiro is from Hong Kong ._. 

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