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album: Hetalia Fantasia
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Hong Kong in Hetalia Fantasia…


Hong Kong: Hey, Mr. England~ Like, long time no see~

England: Yo, China! And…Hong Kong. It’s been a while.

Hong Kong: I’m just here to help teacher - I’ll be logging off soon. 

China: Not yet! Don’t go until after we sell out of this special egg tart!

England: Haha…;


England: Is that true?

China: Everything and anything can be solved with Heta (money)! I’m a genius for being able to earn this much so early in the game - you can all praise me now~

Hong Kong: I guess, but like…won’t it be easier to just, y’know, not play the game in the first place or something?

Allies: =___=;

Russia: Using that theory, life is the hardest game to win~

Hong Kong: Ah~ Can I use that line sometime?

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